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Sale of Foreign Currencies

Buy Foreign Currency from us

Midas Touch Forex and Travels have obtained a license from Reserve Bank of India for offering services of retail and wholesale business (Sales & Purchase of Foreign Exchange) to Corporates , Walk in Clients ,Banks , Dealers for their Leisure Holidays, Business Trip, Medical, Students and other travellers in India.

Foreign Currency Cash is a convenient way of meeting personal expenses during journey, paying for taxis / internal travel, food, expenses, etc. Travellers abroad can buy Foreign Currency from us as per their eligibility for various purposes as prescribed. Of the total eligible Foreign Exchange entitlement, up to equivalent of USD 3000 can be given in the form of currency. The balance would be disbursed in the form of Travel Currency Cards.

Purchase of Foreign Currencies

We encash/exchange Foreign Currencies at Competitive rates.

We can buy/encash all types of foreign currency notes, travellers cheques and Travel Cards as permitted by RBI. For eligible limits, please check RBI norms.

Prepaid Travel Card

Multi Currency & Single Currency Prepaid Forex Travel Card

Whether you are going on holiday or a business trip, buying Foreign Currency has never been easier.

Midas Touch Forex and Travels Pvt Ltd have formally tied up with Thomas Cook India Ltd for Multi Currency Prepaid Travel Card and Axis Bank Ltd for Single Currency Prepaid Travel Card. Its available in major currencies like US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollars, Singapore Dollars and many more currencies.

With access to millions of VISA/Mastercard ATM machines across the globe, the Card can be used to withdraw a specific currency at your destination, instead of carrying Travellers Cheques or Foreign Currency notes. The travelling customer can also use the Forex Travel Card in other country locations subject to cross currency charges.

The Prepaid Forex travels card brings you a secure and hassle-free travel experience. No more chasing moneychangers or paying transaction charges for shopping abroad. Weizmann Forex Cobranded Prepaid Forex Cards are ideal for travellers since they can be hot listed if stolen & reloaded, while you are still abroad! In fact, it is the perfect answer to all your foreign exchange needs.

Benefit of the Travel Card

  • Safe and secure compared to currency notes / travellers cheques
  • Convenient - No need to visit a Bureau de Change (exchange house) to exchange currency or encash Travellers Cheques
  • Accessible - Cash withdrawals in convenient installments or Electronic payments at any VISA / Mastercard ATM or outlet in the world
  • Secure - Pin Protected, If stolen or lost can be blocked immediately
  • Assistance - 24X7 help line by the bank and duplicate cards arranged overseas for a charge
  • Cost Effective - No conversion loss as Cards are available in all major currencies
  • Regulatory - For carrying amounts above USD 3000, it is a legal requirement

Overseas Remittance

The fastest Money Transfer Services

Remittance can be done for Tour Component Payments, Education expense, Immigration, film shooting etc,.

Midas Touch Forex & Travels has tied up with major walmarts in the industry who possess ADII category status and have become a leading player in the Outward Remittance business space. Apart from catering to various segments like remittances pertaining to overseas tour operators, film shooting, immigration etc., we have garnered a sizeable market share of forex business relating to students travelling abroad for studying in foreign universities/institutes.

Midas Touch Forex & Travels through its dedicated team of sales force has tied up with educational and immigration consultants. To augment this business and capture higher market share, Midas Touch Forex & Travels has entered into an arrangement with an Authorised Dealer for issuance of foreign currency demand drafts.

Inward Wire Transfers


Money transfer across the globe! Enjoy convenience and flexibility.


Money Transfer through Western Union & Money Gram is totally legal and authorized by Reserve Bank of India


  • Quick and easy to send money to beneficiaries in India
  • Money transfer options offer convenience, reliability and peace of mind
  • No receiver fees
  • No bank account required (up to Rs. 50,000/- in cash)
  • Exchange rate is set at the time of money transfer
  • Money is available in minutes